Environmental Label
Environmental Label
Application Process

Application Process
The application process should be followed by following the steps.

Communication with The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

In our country, the Competent Body for Environmental Label is the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in accordance with the By-Law on Environmental Label . If requested, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will provide preliminary information to those who wish to apply to become an environmental label user (licensee) on the details of the environmental label criteria and how to create the application file.

Declaration, testing and verification requirements

It is the applicant's responsibility to document how the product or products for which an environmental label is requested meet each criteria and to prepare an application file including all the required information and test / analysis results. In each criterion item, there is a section that specifies the evaluation and verification requirements such as product / service-related limits, the tests and methods required by these limits, declarations of conformity or independent verification. It is essential that the data belonging to the criteria presented in the application file are correct and justified; If deemed  necessary, controls in the field can be carried out by the technical examination commission.

When product tests are required during the evaluation and verification of the Environmental Label criteria, these tests shall  be carried out by laboratories that meet the general requirements of EN ISO 17025 or equivalent.

Pay attention should be taken to base the calculations  on the product / service for which an environmental label is requested.

All test costs and costs arising from the verifications requested by the technical examination commission must be afford by the applicant. Before deciding to apply, these costs should be taken into account.

Preparation of the Application File

A file consisting of all supporting documents and application form specified in the product / service criteria must be submitted to the Ministry of  Environment and Urbanization. If the application is accepted, a copy of the application file must be kept by the applicant and the environmental label must be kept up to date throughout the period of use. The application file must be submitted along with the application form, including the following information and documents:

a) The introduction, address, contact information of the applicant, the person or legal person (entity) and the application petition for the product to be applied,
b) Company foundation certificate, main contract or charter published in the Trade Registry Gazette,

c) Notarized signature circulars of the person or persons authorized to represent the institutions / organizations,

ç) The applicant's relevance with the product,

d) Introduction of the product commercially,

e) Receipt that the application fee has been deposited into the Ministry's Revolving Fund Management account,

f) Information and documents about the product criteria to be applied (calculation, test, analysis, measurement, certificate, etc.)

g) Other information and documents requested by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The application file must be submitted both physically and electronically separately.Information and documents related to each criterion must be presented sort in order of criteria and adding parentheses. In the electronic file, a separate sub-file should be prepared for each criterion.

Environmental Label Application Fee: 5750,00 TL (Including VAT)

Environmental Label Usage Fee (Annual) : 2875,00 TL (Including VAT)

Since the authority to form a technical review commission for the verification process has been transferred to the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) within the scope of item (ğ) of article 15 of the Environmental Label Regulation, the fees to be requested by the TSE should be taken into account at the application phase. Detailed information: (https://cevreetiketi.csb.gov.tr/en/important-delegation-of-authority-for-verification-stage-announcement-411842)

Applicant's relationship with the product: The role of the applicant in placing the product on the market will be summarized in this section. (Manufacturers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, service providers, wholesalers and retailers)

Introduction of the product commercially: Information on the location of the product in terms of production, import, export, NACE code, product trade code, etc. submission of information

Those who want to get more detailed information about the application process can send an e-mail to cevreetiketi@csb.gov.tr or contact our Ministry and TSE.

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