Environmental Label
Environmental Label
What are the costs for environmental label?
Application and Annual Fee of Turkish Environment Label
Applicants must pay the application fee determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. An application cannot be reviewed until the application fee is paid.
The verification of applications, annual conformity control and extension conformity control duties will be carried by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE)

The maximum charges that will be requested by TSE are as follows:
1) Verification Price - 22.291,17 TL + VAT
2) Conformity Check Price - 7.430,39 TL + VAT
3) Conformity Check for Extension Price - 7.430,39 TL + VAT

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization sets the usage fee of environment label annually. Licensees must pay the annual fee determined  by the Ministry. If the annual fee is not paid, licensees is deemed to have been withdrawn. The period of being eligible for the use of the label on products and services starts from the date when the label is issued.
The department of the Revolving Fund Management under the Ministry shall set and announce the annual fee for products and services  on its official website.