Environmental Label
Environmental Label
Verification Process


-The Ministry of  Environment and Urbanization examines information and documents in the application file in terms of suitability within 30 calendar days.
-If any deficiency is detected, this deficiencies notify the applicant.
-If the deficiencies are not completed within 60 calendar days from the date of notification, the application will not be accepted.
-In case the application is not accepted, the application fee deposited will not be refunded. Therefore, care should be taken to make the application completely.
-A technical evaluation  commission is established for the applications endorsed by the Ministry Environment and Urbanization. The authority to form a technical evaluation commission for the verification process has been transferred to the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) within the scope of item (ğ) of article 15 of the Environmental Label Regulation. Detailed information: (https://cevreetiketi.csb.gov.tr/en/important-delegation-of-authority-for-verification-stage-announcement-411842)

- The Technical Evaluation  Commission may meet before the verification visit and before the technical report is finalized. The applicant attends these meetings when requested.
-- If additional verification is requested by the technical evaluation commission, the costs are afforded by the applicant.

Compliance with product or service criteria and other technical issues are evaluated within 90 calendar days from the date of application and an environmental label technical report is prepared.

Technical Report;
If there is no condition for giving an environmental label, an environmental label usage agreement is signed with the applicant.
If additional verification methods are required for the issuance of an environmental label, an environmental label usage contract is signed with the applicant after the conditions are fulfilled.
If it contains issues that do not approve of giving an environmental label, the application is concluded negatively.
Anybody want to get more detailed information about the verification process can send an e-mail to cevreetiketi@csb.gov.tr or contact our Ministry and TSE.