Environmental Label
Environmental Label
Process of Using Enviromental Label

If the application meets the criteria, an environmental label is provided by the Ministry Environment and Urbanization after the first annual usage fee is paid. The shape of the environmental label must conform to the environmental label format issued by the Ministry.

Environmental Label Usage Fee (Annual) : 2875,00 TL (Including VAT)

With the signing of the contract between the Ministry and the applicant who is entitled to receive an environmental label, the applicant becomes an environmental label user. The Ministry may add additional provisions to the contract depending on the criteria, type and characteristics of the product or service group.

In the scope of contract, the user of the environmental label is expected to prepare a Compliance Report every year. The right to use the environmental label of users who cannot comply with the environmental label criteria is canceled.

The use of an environmental label is given for 4 years. If requested 180 days before the deadline, the period may be extended as a result of the evaluation made by the Ministry to the technical examination commission.

Situations regarding annual compliance checks and time extensions are carried out by TSE.Detailed information: (https://cevreetiketi.csb.gov.tr/en/important-delegation-of-authority-for-verification-stage-announcement-411842)

The user of the environmental label can always terminate the contract and give up the use of environmental labels with a written notification to the Ministry 3 months previously.

The Ministry informs the user of the environmental label about the complaint about the product or service bearing the environmental label and requests that the complaint be answered within 7 days from the date of notification.

Those who want to get more detailed information related to the process of using the Environmental Label can send an e-mail to cevreetiketi@csb.gov.tr or contact our Ministry and TSE.