Environmental Label
Environmental Label
For which product/service group I can apply?

Ceramic Covering Product Group: Ceramic covering product group is made up ceramic tiles for both internal and external use irrespective of its substance. 

Textile Product Group: Textile products include clothing products and accessories; interior textile products; fiber, fabric and knitting panels; cleaning products besides fiber products.

Tissue Paper Product Group: “Tissue Paper” product group includes  papers in form of roll and layers that are used to absorb liquids and clean dirty surfaces in order to  provide hygiene.

Hand Dishwashing Product Group: This product group covers dishwashing detergents produced for washing glass properties, plates and kitchen properties.

Touristic Accommodation Service Group: This group covers touristic accommodation services and secondary services in the facilities with at least 10 rooms.

Personal Care and Cosmetic Product Group: This product group covers shampoo, hair cream, shower gel, hand and body cream, solid and liquid soap, shaving soap and shaving foam.

Glass Product Group: This product group covers flat glass, glass packaging and glassware products.

Dishwasher Detergent Product Group: The product group of dishwasher detergents consists of gel, powder, and multicomponent dishwasher detergents and dishwasher rinse aid products.

Laundry Detergent Product Group: The product group of laundry detergent consists of powder, liquid and capsule laundry detergent, pre-treatment stain removers and hand washing laundry detergent products.