Environmental Label
Environmental Label

"Information Meeting on Environmental Labelling and Waste Management" was held within the scope of the Green Deal Action Plan with the support of the "Turkish Environmental Labelling System (TCES) Development Project".

24 September 2021

Webinar entitled “Information Meeting on Environmental Labelling and Waste Management" within the scope of the Green Deal Action Plan was arranged with the support of "Turkey Environmental Label System Development Project", which is included in the Investment Program for 2021, on September 23, 2021.

The meeting started with the opening speeches of Ms. Bahar Güçlü, Deputy Director General for International Agreements and EU, Ministry of Trade, and Ms. Mehrali ECER, General Director of EIA, Permission and Inspection, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The first session that started with the presentation of “Environmental Labelling Concept and International Examples” by Bjørn Erik LØNN, Chairman of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), has continued with the subjects “Turkish Environmental Labelling System", ”Project for the Development of the Turkish Environmental Labelling System” and ”Turkish Environmental Labelling System Certification Process”.

In the second Session; “The Concept of Sustainable Production and Consumption”, “Life Cycle Evaluation”, “Waste Management in Our Country, Zero Waste Practices and its Relationship with Green Deal”, “Zero Waste Information System and Certification Process” were explained to the participants.

More than 300 people from public institutions/organizations, non-governmental organizations and private sector representatives attended the meeting.


Webinar Video Recording

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